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Mark R. Bruneau
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Christine Bruneau


From a modest background with limited means, my brother Mark Bruneau realized early that only perseverance in education could change his life. Thus from Hawkesbury, Ontario he completed his studies at Harvard Business School, which paved the way to his global business career.

My sister Christine, through her 35 years dedicated to teaching, made me realized what a youth life changing difference an excellent educator can make. Christine’s actions have undoubtedly enabled a great number of young people to reach higher.

In May 2011, Mark, urged on by his sister Christine, became a federal election candidate in the Jeanne-Le Ber riding. As they campaigned throughout the Verdun, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Petite-Bourgogne, Saint-Henri and Cote-Saint-Paul boroughs, they realized the depth of poverty, pessimism and disillusionment among our youth. From this new experience, they resolved to help students realize their dreams by establishing the Fondation Mark et Christine Bruneau pour la réussite des jeunes.

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The Foundation’s purpose is to encourage youth’s educational perseverance and high school graduation. Lack of financial means, of positive role models, of parental support or difficult integration into a new country and culture represent barriers which too often lead to school dropout. For these reasons, we have decided to create a Foundation to facilitate, encourage and reward efforts leading to educational success in secondary and post-secondary studies.

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Each year, the Foundation will partner with targeted high schools to identify up to 30 secondary 3 students who display promising futures and yet, are at risk of dropping out. An annual scholarship of $500 will be awarded to each student for five (5) years, commencing at the end of secondary 3, representing a total of $2,500 per student. The objective is to enable each recipient to finish high school and pursue post-secondary studies. This financial incentive and, in some cases, mentoring by local business owners, will, we hope, make students “ride the school wave”.

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